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Welcome To Sahel

Marsa Matrouh

Sidi Abdel Rehman

El Alamein

Marsa Matruh is a resort town on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast, known for its lagoons and white-sand beaches. It’s on a large bay, with the resort stretching along the shore. West of the town, Cleopatra’s Beach is surrounded by rocks, creating a natural pool called Cleopatra’s Bath. Near Rommel’s Beach is the Rommel Museum, with memorabilia and maps, in caves that served as the German WWII commander’s headquarters.

Sidi Abdel Rahman (Arabic: سيدي عبدالرحمن‎‎) is a village on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. It is most famous for its beach located 132 kilometres (82 mi) west of Alexandria and some 30 km (19 mi) west of Al Alamein. This desert and beach area is located some 190 km (120 mi) east of Mersa Matruh and is often a resting point on trips from Alexandria to the Siwa Oasis and to Matruh.

El Alamein is a town on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast. It’s known for a decisive 1942 WWII battle, commemorated in El Alamein War Museum with uniforms and tanks. Desert plants surround El Alamein War Cemetery’s headstones. Just outside town, the German War Memorial is a fortress-like structure with a central obelisk, built over a mass grave. The Italian War Memorial is a tower inscribed inside with names of the dead.